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Earth Day

30 April 2021

Last week, across the school, there was a focus on Earth Day and the part we can play in protecting the planet.

Our youngest pupils, in Nursery, made their own earths using shaving foam and paint with paper plates.  They also used corks to stamp and make smaller earths.

In Prep, girls sported their own Earth Day badges designed for a competition to raise the awareness of the importance of protecting the planet.

The girls were challenged to create some eco-friendly fairy gardens as an Easter Holiday project.  They proved to be very creative and imaginative in their designs and were credited for the number of natural materials they incorporated.  We congratulated the overall winners Yvonne  in Year 1 and Izzy in Year 4.  There were year group winners too and we offer congratulations to Eleri Year 1, Sofia Year 2, Emily Year 3, Nia Year 4, Mimi Year 5 and Emma Year 6.

Mrs Eveleigh presented our special assembly on the subject.  She reminded everyone about the reasons why we mark Earth Day all over the world.  She then talked about recent inventions, which have been designed to help the environment and how the inventors developed their ideas.  These included the seabin, the EcoBrick, a device to collect the micro plastics broken off car tyres and the shower curtain with a timer that shuts off the water after 4 minutes!

The theme for this year is ‘Restore Our Earth’ and Mrs Eveleigh encouraged the girls to consider how they might help and Emily in Year 3 finished the assembly with an eco-pledge on behalf of everyone.

E stands for energy.  We need to be aware of how much electricity we are using

A stands for animals.  We should respect and look after all living things.

R stands for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Please do these whenever you can.

T is for our trees and plants.  These are essential.

H is for H2O, water.  We must save as much water as possible.

Next week our Year 5 girls will further their environmental knowledge as they take part in an Eco Education Week.

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