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DofE expeditioners enjoy a successful weekend

Senior School

20 September 2019

Last weekend, Ms López, Mrs Syer, Ms Archer and Mrs Griffiths took the Bronze expeditioners to the Ashbourne area in the Peak District to be able to qualify for their Duke of Edinburgh Award. This year, the Year 10 pupils had a fantastic weekend and a sunny one too.

Alongside Mrs Griffiths, Glen and Mike were the assessors, and they were very happy with our expeditioners’ organisational skills when cooking and putting tents up. Orienteering is always the one skill that groups find the most challenging, but all eight groups managed to arrive safe and sound to the finish point.

The girls in Orange Group shared their experience:

“Our first day of the qualifying expedition began at 7am, when we piled into Mrs Syer’s minibus, and set off for our starting point of Parwich Church, in a pretty little village in the heart of the Peak District. 

“After arriving, we got out our maps and whirred our orienteering skills back into action after the long summer break. We followed footpaths and roads, reaching our checkpoint locations including Alsop-en-le-Dale Church and Milldale Bridge, whilst chatting, singing and enjoying the amazing views and sunny weather. 

“After conquering a footpath on the edge of an incredibly steep hill, and walking through fields of somewhat hostile cows, we arrived at our campsite a little late, but happy, ready for a satisfying meal and snuggling up in our tents for the night. On the second day we departed the campsite just after 8am, excited to be heading home. 

“However, after walking around in a circle by the river for a while, it became clear that something was wrong. A talk from Mrs Griffiths meant we could continue on our way, feeling more confident. After summiting a huge hill, and walking down a long track, we heard our friends’ voices, and were delighted to be finished at 4.30pm. 

“The weekend was challenging, but having conquered fears, carrying all our necessities on our backs and pushing our feet to their limits, we now feel certain that we can do anything if we put our minds to it. Our expedition was an experience that we will never forget.

“We would all like to thank Mrs Syer, Mrs Griffiths and Ms Archer for accompanying us last weekend as without them Duke of Edinburgh expedition would have not been possible.”


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