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19 January 2018

Digital New Year’s Resolution

January is a great time to set yourself some digital new year's resolutions. We recommend the following:

1. Check the safety features on your new tech presents.

Check all the privacy settings on the new piece of technology that you had over the holidays. Many have a variety of safety features that are worth exploring. The UK safer Internet website can give you lots of tips and advice about setting up privacy and parental controls on smartphones, tablets and gaming devices.

2. What did your digital footprint say about you in 2017?

Your digital footprint is the mark that you leave behind when using the internet and can shape your online reputation. This can be formed by what you post online, what others post about you, or what someone has posted pretending to be you.

January is a great time to decide to make a positive change to your digital footprint and consider carefully the things that you say online and the images that you post to social media.

The Digital Awareness UK website has a lot of useful information and videos about how to maintain and create a positive online presence.

3. Report anything that worries or upsets you online.

It is important to report anything that worries or upsets you online. Reporting these thing can help make the internet a safer and better place to explore.

You can report any concerns directly to the social media site or talk to a teacher or adult that you trust and they can contact the site.

The following link can give advice on social media sites and how to report an issue:


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