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Dentist, zoologist or writer?

30 November 2018

A local dentist came to visit Year 3 on Friday 23 November to talk to the girls about dental care. She brought disclosing tablets with her and the girls chewed the tablets to see if their teeth had plaque on them. They were then shown how to brush their teeth properly. The tablets did not taste very nice, but the girls had a great time and enjoyed using the special toothbrushes which came with toothpaste already on them. 

Following on from their dentist visit the Year 3 girls began to use their knowledge of teeth within the animal world. They carefully matched pictures of animal teeth to the animal giving reasons for their decisions. They thought carefully about what the dentist had told them about the types of teeth before trying to categorise the animals into herbivore, carnivore and omnivore by looking at the teeth alone. The girls were very impressed with the carnivores’ canines. 

The next step was to move from teeth to eating.  Year 3 used their knowledge of studying instructional texts to write instructions for making a banana smoothie. They thought carefully about using imperative verbs and which step to do next. Finally, the chocolate was grated on top and the girls tasted their banana smoothies. In our evaluation we realised that we had put in rather too much milk and not enough banana. This made a great final note for the instructions. 


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