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Dame de Souza's Big Ask

Senior School

07 May 2021

Dame Rachel de Souza, the recently appointed Children's Commissioner for England, has said that it is her job to speak up for children in England, stand up for their rights and make sure that the people in power listen to what children need and want.

Last month, she launched The Big Ask - the largest survey of children and young people aged 4-17 that has ever been commissioned in England. Part of 'The Childhood Commission' review of children's lives, The Big Ask is a once-in-a-generation chance for children and young people all over the country to be heard and make a difference.

The Big Ask is asking children and young people what they think is important for their future and aims to identify the barriers preventing children reaching their full potential and propose policy solutions to address them.  The aim is to then use the responses to inform and shape the way government approaches issues affecting children and young people, not just for this generation, but for children in the decade to follow.     It's completely anonymous and open to everyone - you can complete it online here. Closing date is 19 May so there's still time to get your voice heard - and we'll keep you posted as soon as we have more news.

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