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Inaugural Cognito Conference Showcases Creativity

Senior School

15 December 2023

The Senior School’s inaugural Cognito Conference held last week was a showcase of excellence in creativity, communication and character.

The Year 8 girls, now at stage 2 of the programme, were required to research an idea / area of interest of their choice and presented it in an exhibition-style forum, giving them a taste of real-world experience for their careers after EHS.

It was an opportunity for pupils to not only showcase their creative work from their projects undertaken last year, but also to develop their confidence in presenting their projects to an audience of parents. The students had the opportunity to debate, discuss and convince parents of their findings displaying a wide range of fantastic research questions and creative outcomes that they had completed independently.

Cognito Lessons form our forward-thinking and future-inspired curriculum which complements and co-exists with the subjects that pupils study in Year 7 and Year 8. This is our model to enhance an already broad and balanced curriculum with an innovative programme to help prepare pupils for success in a fast-changing future. 

Cognito Lessons for Year 7 and 8 are based around five core Creative Thinking pillars to help them develop the competencies needed in the workplace, and in life:

1. Analytical ability
2. Communication
3. Open-Mindedness
4. Organisation 
5. Problem Solving

Dr Rajp, Director of Teaching and Learning, said: "The students displayed an impressive range of self-titled projects and spoke to parents with consummate ease. The skills learnt during the Public Speaking course this term were a prominent feature of the engaging conversations heard throughout the evening.
“I want to extend my thanks to the parents and families who attended to support and encourage our students. The real success of the evening was seeing our students as independent learners who take creative risks and communicate with confidence."

Well done to all participating students.

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