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Lecture considers 'Augusta, The Senate and the Ara Pacis'

19 October 2018

GCSE and A-Level Classicists recently had the opportunity to attend the Birmingham and Midlands Classical Association's Autumn lecture at the University of Birmingham on the topic of 'Augustus, The Senate, and the Ara Pacis', presented by Dr Amy Russell of Durham University. 

Armed with a keen mind, pen and paper, and impressively fast note-taking skills the Sixth Form Classical Civilisation girls listened to Dr. Russell deliver her presentation with an infectious enthusiasm and passion that left us keen to learn more!

We would like to thank Mrs McAlister and Miss Wood for being our chaperones for the evening, and the Classics department for this opportunity to broaden our knowledge and appreciation of the Classical world beyond the classroom, as well as their dedication to our continued education and enjoyment of the subject. 

Elyanna Choi
Year 13

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