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Will's Word Warriors come to EHS

29 March 2019

For the second year running we were delighted to welcome the Bournville BookFest to EHS for a very special schools event.

This year we hosted an interactive and dynamic show called ‘Will’s Word Warriors’ which was a most suitable theme to coincide with Shakespeare Week. 

Year 3 and 4 girls were joined in the Octagon by several local schools for a most enjoyable presentation. The show explored Shakespeare’s use of language, writing and storytelling in lots of different ways from drama to rap. The show was delivered by experienced Shakespearean actors as well as performance poets and even a rapper. Visiting theatrical company ‘Will’s Word Warriors’ orchestrated a dance-off, pitting Queen Elizabeth I against Her Royal Highness Elizabeth II. The Tudor queen even brought along her be-ruffed dog!

All the children enjoyed the event enormously. Thank you to everyone involved. 

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