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Year 1 team up with Sixth Form students

16 March 2018

With the recent poor weather, Britain's birds have been working hard to find food. To make their lives easier, Year 1 girls teamed up with Sixth Formers to make bird feeders.

They used recycled yogurt pots and left-over garden string for the base of the feeders before filling them with a mixture of seeds, dried fruits and fat. Each girl took a pot home to refrigerate and put out for the birds the following morning.

Our Sixth Formers quickly created an excellent rapport with the younger girls and guided the activity with confidence and enthusiasm. It was clear to see our Year 1 pupils were keen to work with the older girls on this environmental task, asking lots of questions and forming friendships across the school. From the photographs and testimonials of the ‘clean-up crew’, it was obvious everyone thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck in to this messy activity.

The birds of Birmingham are lucky to have such enthusiastic and caring girls looking out for their welfare.


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