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08 October 2021

Year 2 girls have been learning about the Great Fire of London in their History lessons this term and on Wednesday immersed themselves in life in London in 1666.  

The morning was spent visiting different workshops and, with a little help from some parents, girls explored life in 1666 before the Great Fire with much enthusiasm.  They kneaded, rolled and twisted bread in the bakery, learned how different ailments were treated by the Barber Surgeon, made their own candles at the Chandlers and had to grind and make their own ink to write with using feather quills at the Schoolhouse.  

The girls also learned how the fire spread, and why it spread so quickly, through immersive and practical activities. They worked together to demonstrate how the fire was put out using people lines to pass leather buckets of water from the River Thames to the burning houses and using fire hooks to pull houses down to create a fire break. 
During the afternoon historical enquiry session, the girls used their prior knowledge to sift through the ashes of the fire in an archaeological study and found items such as shells, candle hooks, tools and damaged ceramic pots.  They used these clues to decide which shop the ashes had come from and whether it burned down or was pulled down as part of a fire break.  

The girls, parents and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and all went home with big smiles on their faces.  The girls couldn’t wait to share their day and their goodies with their parents. 

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