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Aztec Adventure in History Club


26 May 2023

Extending their knowledge of a past civilisation in History Club has been a favourite co-curricular activity for Year 5 girls this term.

Last week the girls learnt about the role of religion in Aztec Civilisation.  They studied a model of Centeotl, the Aztec God of maize and a personification of the maize plant.  An Aztec month was dedicated to him during which young women would wear necklaces of corn seeds and maize ears were brought from the fields and placed in front of his image.  The pupils crafted their own version of the god using modelling clay then added colour once the clay was dry.  

This week History Club enjoyed an Aztec feast in place of their regular lunch.  The Aztecs enjoyed eating the tomatoes and avocado that they grew in the damp ground of the chinampas so these formed part of the feast.  

Their main food was maize and Aztec women spent many hours each day preparing maize flour to make into tortillas.  Miss Deacon was glad that she could just buy these ready made from the supermarket!  The girls avoided the hairless dogs and deer which were popular in Aztec civilisation but did feast on honey, beans, corn and melon washed down with delicious hot chocolate.

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