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Assembly marks centenary of voting rights for women

09 March 2018

On 6 February 2018, Great Britain celebrated the Representation of the People Act, whereby the franchise was extended to all men over the age of 21, and to women over the age of 30 who met certain property qualifications. This was a ground-breaking piece of legislation, and considered to be a milestone in terms of the road to male and female equality.

On Monday, the girls were treated to an assembly celebrating this centenary, where they were reminded that the norm today - such as the notion that women can be lawyers or have bank accounts - was sadly not the case 100 years ago. The beginnings of the journey that women took in order ensure their civil liberties were granted to them was explored, with the assembly looking at the role and actions of the suffragettes, as well as the work that women did during the First World War. Unsurprisingly, during the war years, the country did not grind to a halt just because the men were absent!

Finally, the girls were encouraged to think about the importance of voting when their time comes, and reminded that the sacrifices women suffered in the previous century should not be forgotten. It was an enjoyable assembly, with both staff and girls alike leaving feeling empowered!

Miss Glover

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