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EHS Art Showcase Assembly

Senior School

02 April 2021

The past 12 months have underlined the importance of art and creativity in all our lives. From displaying brightly coloured rainbows in windows to writing, dancing, baking, sewing, singing and making music, many of us have rediscovered how important creativity can be in helping us to navigate, process and express our emotions. 

So with this in mind, on Monday we dedicated our assembly to celebrating and showcasing the considerable artistic talents of pupils at EHS. 

The standard of the work in this most recent Showcase is truly awe-inspiring. It is testament to the resilience, creativity and spirit of EHS girls that even during lockdown they have continued to produce work of the highest standards and to the very best of their ability.

Next term we'll be making it available in digital format so that you can explore the incredibly rich talent that we are lucky enough to  nurture here at EHS. In the meantime, here's a taster...

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