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Announcing the new Student Leadership Team

Senior School | Sixth Form

20 March 2020

Following the announcement of the Head Girl elect in last week’s edition of Friday Headlines, we are delighted to announce the new Deputy Head Girls for the academic year 2020-21.

Fiona Mellor joined EHS as a pupil in Year 7. Now in Year 12 she is studying Geography, Mathematics and Latin at A Level and is undertaking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). She plans to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at university.

Myra Hassan also joined EHS at the start of Year 7. Currently studying for A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Geography she aspires to be a psychologist after studying for a university degree. 

The leadership team selection process is a rigorous one that spans several weeks, beginning with written applications and culminating in a round of final speeches to staff and pupils at which the candidates set out their aims and ambitions.

Fiona said: “In my speech, I presented ideas which included to further enhance the support system available to new pupils coming in at Year 7, and to create more opportunities for Year 12 to take on responsibilities. I wanted to join the Leadership team to really enrich and fulfil my school experience and to give back to the girls who have impacted my time at the school, and I am so pleased to have the opportunity to make a difference.” 

In her speech, Myra had spoken passionately about her belief in an EHS that has a healthy balance between academics and opportunities for fun and learning offered via the extracurricular programme. Myra is delighted to have been selected for the student leadership team, saying: “I care deeply about the school and am looking forward to projecting pupil voice and bringing out the best qualities in everyone together with my fellow leadership members.”

New Head Girl Naomi had also emphasised the role of pupil voice in her speech. Commenting, she said: “I think pupil voice has an important role in enhancing the school environment. As Head Girl elect, I pledge to harness and amplify the power of pupil voice for the benefit of all pupils in Senior School and I am really looking forward to getting started.”

Together Naomi, Fiona and Myra complete the new student Leadership Team line up. They will take up their positions in the Summer Term.

We send the girls our warmest congratulations. We are sure they will make a formidable team and look forward to their valuable contributions to the school over the coming year. 

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