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An explosive time in Nursery


08 November 2019

This week the topic being studied by the girls in Nursery was Fireworks.

They started their work by watching a video of a firework display before undertaking a range of activities to recreate some fireworks. To help develop their fine motor skills they used paint brushes to mark-make in glitter to recreate firework patterns.

They also put popping candy in the tuff tray and sprinkled it with water from their hands to recreate the fizzes and popping sounds that fireworks make. Glue sticks were used to make firework patterns on black paper. These were then dipped into glitter to create a colourful firework picture.

Large rolls of paper were placed on the floor and the girls used gross motor movements to ‘splatter’ paint to make a colourful firework explosion on the paper.

What an explosive week!

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