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An excellent example of poetry

07 February 2020

Year 9 pupil, Saba wrote a poem ‘Isn’t it extraordinary’ in response to the Lichfield Cathedral’s ‘The Word’ poetry competition that was entered by several girls in Year 9. 

Selected to appear in the EHS Excellence Book, Saba’s poem was an outstanding example of work and we are pleased to share it in full with you now. Saba is a keen creative writer and frequently attends the weekly Creative Writing Club. 

Isn’t it extraordinary

Sometimes I will look at the glistening diamonds that light up our sky, 
the solar systems, galaxies not that different from our own and realise how small we really are.
And that there may be somebody else looking at the same sky that we all share. 
For its beauty we really cannot compare.

For its never what the world holds for you but what you bring to it.

Isn’t it extraordinary to think of all the things we’ve yet to find out about our scintillating cosmos,
life wouldn’t be half as interesting if we knew everything.
It would have no meaning.

It’s extraordinary when the seasons start to change, and the sun begins to get more weary I will breathe in that crisp air,
and watch the leaves clearly, metamorph into an enthralling deep scarlet. 

Isn’t it extraordinary that Change is the only thing that is constant in this world.
I do not know what lies around the bend,
and I will hope for the best because I don’t know nor will I pretend. 
Hope, like love is hard to define but easy to notice, it is what encourages us to survive.
It is the wings of anticipation that have let us soar through time and let life thrive.

It’s extraordinary, when the sun goes to rest and the whole world goes to sleep at night 
I will not shed a tear and give into my fright 
For it was the possibility of darkness that made the stars so bright 
and it’s what makes the cacophony of life so lively in the night.

Sometimes I will look up at the glistening diamonds that light up our sky and think this, this is the reason why.

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