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 A Week in Westbourne

26 March 2021

Our youngest pupils enjoyed joining the older girls in the Prep School by dressing in red on Friday 19 March for Comic Relief Day.  Our fundraising efforts, including telling some favourite family jokes was very successful and we have donated £430 to the charity.

This week has been busy too.  In Nursery, the girls have been developing their positional language by relocating Elmer in various places in their classroom.  They have also been up and down flights of stairs in line with their Nursery rhyme of the week.  Other activities have included looking at bedtime routines and the importance of sleep all practised by putting the baby to bed.

To extend their physical development Nursery girls have enjoyed playing parachute games and skittles.

In Kindergarten, their topic has been spring. The girls have been busy cutting and sticking to make spring pictures, colouring to develop pencil control further and repeating patterns.

Reception pupils enjoyed their first ballet lesson and are looking forward to extending their skills further.   They have also practiced the spelling of many tricky words, which have been selected from the magic hat.  The girls’ creative skills have been put to the test too with the design of miniature gardens on a plate created with collage materials.

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