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A very Tudor Christmas

08 December 2017

Following on from the girls’ visit to Selly Manor they put all of their recent History learning together to perform to their parents.

We were transported to Tudor Selly Manor where the Lord and Lady of the Manor were preparing for Christmas. They graciously invited us to join them in their celebrations.

First we heard about the decorations used including holly, ivy and mistletoe and how the Tudor people also believed in the healing properties of some of the plants.

We were then guided through the setting of the table and the food that the Lord and Lady would have eaten. This included the different types of crockery, the meats including peacock and the range of vegetables. It is clear that many of our traditions originated in Tudor times, even the eating of sprouts!

The festivities were rounded off with some dancing, singing of carols and a traditional mummers’ play about St George.

The performance was enjoyed by the audience of parents and friends.

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