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A Teatime Treat


10 November 2023

On Thursday evening there was a buzz of excitement in Prep Hall as 37 musicians from across Years 3 and 4 gathered for their first Teatime Concert of the year.  For many of Year 3 this was their very first public performance with some having only started learning to play their instruments in September.

We usually hold these more informal concerts in the Music School but with so many girls keen to perform we relocated to Prep Hall.  This larger venue did not deter the girls from giving very confident performances on a wide range of instruments, many finishing with a flourishing bow.  

We were delighted by performances from vocalists and solos played on flute, piano, cello, violin, clarinet, and guitar. Two of our vocalists performed a duet too, working well together and we are looking forward to following all of these young musicians on their musical journey.

The girls are all welcome to take part in our series of Teatime Concerts which happen throughout the year and we are very much looking forward to further performances from the girls in Prep.

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