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06 December 2019

On Monday 25 November, students in Year 10 studying business went to Cadbury World as part of our studies for Marketing.

Firstly, we had an educational talk about marketing at Cadbury, which was led by one of the staff members at Cadbury World. We learnt about the foundation storyline of Cadbury and how it has been partnered with many other major brands, such as Oreo and Maynard & Bassetts. The presentation was very detailed and we feel that it will support our studies this year and in Year 11 on Marketing. Furthermore, we were also introduced to some of the statistics, which recognised topics such as ‘The UK’s favourite chocolate bar’ and ‘The best brands for snacks in Europe’. It was a very informative talk. 

In addition to having an educational talk, we had a full tour of Cadbury World. We had firstly been kindly introduced to the tour with 2 bars of chocolate each! Then, we made our way to another brief, informative presentation about the history of Cadbury’s chocolate. We were then led to another room in which we watched a short clip about how the founder, John Cadbury, had discovered the company.  We had then made our way out of the video briefing room into the actual factory and, full of joy, we had a chance to write our names or a message in melted chocolate on a piece of marble table top! After this, we took a walk through the inside of the attraction which led us to the ride in which we sat in fours and toured around a mini village. There was a chance to purchase photos from the ride at the end. We were then guided to an area of Cadbury’s World where a lady working there kindly showed us how to put melted chocolate into a mould for a base to making a new chocolate bar. They also kindly provided us with a small cup of melted chocolate and gave us the choice to top it with jelly sweets, Oreos or marshmallows. This definitely brought a smile to everyone’s face! We then had some time to buy our own chocolate in the gift store and eat our lunches. Then, we made our way and queued up for the 4D cinema experience which was a great ending to our amazing trip! 

We would like to thank the Business teachers for organising this day out for us and we would like to thank the Year 13 Economics students for joining and accompanying us on the trip. A big thank you goes to all the members of staff at Cadburys world for providing us with the presentation and the tour, and the chocolate we received throughout the day!

By Zahraa and Amaaya in Year 10

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