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A Lesson in Graphics for Year 6


11 February 2022

This week the girls in 6I made a visit to the Graphics studio in Senior School for an introduction to using Photoshop software. We were welcomed by Mr James and Mr Hunt and four Senior Art Scholars who were all ready to help us extend our technology skills.

We were encouraged to use our artistic skills to create a toucan picture using this software. During the process we learnt to rotate, locate and join pieces to create an image and how to select different patterns to make an individual design. We were then able to change the opacity of the pattern too.

This was a great experience and really enjoyable and gave us a good idea of what we have to look forward to in Year 7. I know the rest of the Year 6 girls are excited about their chance to try out Photoshop when they attend their lessons in the next few weeks.

Risha Mitra
Year 6 News Hound

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