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Roadshow brings the rainforest to life


02 February 2018

A main unit of the Geography curriculum in Year 4 is the study of major aspects of the rainforests of the world. The girls always enjoy extending their knowledge of the people, plants, animals and the difficulties faced in these areas and a highlight of their studies is the visit from Dave Shaw and his Rainforest Roadshow.

Shaw introduces the girls to the lives of the tribal people which includes some face painting in traditional designs all representative of aspects of the regions. They are able to handle examples of ceremonial masks too.

The girls are always fascinated to learn more about the exotic creatures especially the live specimens. All girls were able to hold the snake and the tarantula if they wished. For some this involved overcoming some serious phobias, but their bravery was impressive.

The day was completed with some sketching of artefacts and making of tribal style jewellery.

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