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A Busy Week for Year 2


01 October 2021

Year 2 have enjoyed their busy week of learning which they wanted to share.

In Science, they have been looking further at their sense of sight and they went on a sensory walk around the playground to see how it would feel to be blind.  They were very caring and considerate towards their partners who were helping to guide them when they were wearing blindfolds.  This was a follow-up activity after studying the parts of the eye in detail.

Girls have also combined their Art and History skills by creating collages to show how and why the Great Fire of London spread.  They are looking forward to finding out more during their workshop next week.

They have been learning about physical and human geographical features too. Having created a map of the Isle of Struay from the book series detailing the adventures of Katie Morag, they colour coded the labels and made a key.

Their Mathematics lessons have offered the opportunity to investigate 2D shapes. They have applied their vocabulary knowledge including, quadrilaterals, regular, irregular, hexagon, pentagon, octagon and vertical symmetry and played a game of shape dominoes to help to reinforce names of shapes and their properties.

They have found time to enjoy playing together too, another important part of each day.

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