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A busy time for Nursery girls

06 October 2017

Nursery girls have had a busy week or so, now that they have settled into their new environment. They have needed to use their 'beady eyes', strong arms and put on their 'thinking caps'.

The girls observed the early-autumn leaves, noting the changing colours and also noticed that the feathery Pampas Grass was taller than their teachers!

Mrs Kennedy showed the girls several kinds of spiky, prickly, pointed, sharp, green plants with the bravest amongst them daring to touch the spikes - ouch!

They learned to activate the cyber-dog by clapping, once they had overcome their initial fears! Similarly, the 'snappy' green crocodile-type seats in the Octagon were soon tamed.

As part of the focus on 'red', the girls used large brushes to cover the outside benches with red water, in so doing helping to strengthen the muscles needed for early-writing activities. They watched in amazement the rushing 'red waterfall' as Mrs Coulson poured the residual red water down the big slide. It collected in a satisfyingly big red puddle.

Girls cannot wait for 'Green Week'!

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