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100K in May goes up a gear

22 May 2020

By the end of week 2 of this challenge we had covered over 750km, with both pupils and staff working towards their own personal goals. At the end of week 3, we have now covered a distance of 1,500km which is phenomenal. 

Mrs Hewison, Mrs Parsons and Mrs Mooney have now been joined by Mrs Batchelor, Miss Welsh, Miss Jones-Owen and Dr Rajp who have been adding to their House scores. Some of our pupils have achieved their personal targets and are now reviewing these and pushing themselves even further. Well done to Gracie Roberts (Year 7) who has cycled over 140km, Charlotte Meek (Year 11) who has cycled over 200km and Karishma Mungal (Year 8) who is over 93km. A huge well done to Mrs Hewison, who is running for her challenge and is already well over 160km!

Keep up the good work everyone. And remember, everyone taking part gets House points, with the winning House set to be announced at the end of term.

Mrs Parsons
Head of P.E.

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