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02 April 2021

Girls from Westbourne joined Years 1 – 6 on Wear a Hat Day, on March 26, in support of Brain Tumour Research.  We were delighted to raise a total of £618 for the charity.

Reception girls have been learning about 3D shapes and looked around the classroom independently for some shapes to play with.  They discovered that the Lego bricks and building blocks have cuboids, cubes and cylinders!  They tested their construction skills by making a 3D dodecahedron using the magnet shapes and a 'village' from the cubes and cuboids.  Later they used their future engineering skills by constructing a fabulous marble run which they enjoyed playing with their friends. 

As their knowledge of sounds is expanding girls enjoy 'being the teacher' and sitting on the teacher's chair to read a story to peers!  Number skills are developing too with work on subtraction this week. 

In Kindergarten, girls have made the most of the beautiful weather in the outdoor area looking for plastic eggs. Some had a number written on them, others had a certain amount of spots. The aim was for the girls to put them in the correct plastic cup with the corresponding number written on it.

They really enjoyed it and it was the perfect day for it!

In Nursery the girls enjoyed the sudden change in weather too and spent time outside in the Outdoor Classroom.

The girls have been so busy that they will be looking forward to the holiday I am sure.

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