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24 January 2020

It has been a busy week, as ever, in Westbourne during which we welcomed prospective parents to our Open House morning.

On Tuesday afternoon in assembly, Reception and Kindergarten welcomed Val and David from the Birmingham Progressive Synagogue. Val and David told them the Jewish story of Hanukkah and why the festival is eight days long. They lit candles on the Hanukkiah as they were telling the story and finished with a song about the festival, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed.

In Reception the girls tasted beans on toast for their lesson on growing beans.  It is interesting for the girls to see the whole journey of an item of food.

In Mathematics the girls also used scales to balance items.  They had great fun learning in a practical way and there were even some cheers when, toys they had brought in from home, balanced with our mathematical resources of plastic teddies and dogs!

In Nursery the theme this week has been little Miss Muffett. The girls acted out the rhyme with props, made yoghurt pot spiders, made spider biscuits and made and tasted curds and whey. They also made up their own versions of the rhyme using different animals that came along and different food that Miss Muffett was eating.

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