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Westbourne Birdwatchers


02 February 2024

Last weekend was the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch and twitchers all over the country were out and about noting the birds they saw. Children in Westbourne enjoyed focusing on birds too. 

Last week they took part in a range of activities to include birds, ahead of the special weekend.  Girls in Reception decorated and painted bird wind chimes using acrylic paint. These look very pretty hanging in the classroom.

Kindergarten girls made bird feeders using pinecones. They then very much enjoyed taking them into the outdoor classroom to attach to the trees and bushes for the birds to enjoy. We are going to be on the lookout to see if we have encouraged more birds into our school grounds.  Some girls made dove mobiles which challenged their cutting and folding skills! 

Girls from both Kindergarten and Reception took time to sit quietly looking into their gardens to observe how many different types of birds they could spot. They recorded their findings and posted them back to school on Seesaw. Then great discussions were followed up in the classrooms as to what birds were seen in each other’s gardens. This was a lovely activity for the girls to do with their families.  

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