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Wellbeing Week Full of Stories


09 February 2024

A Wellbeing Week Full of Stories in Westbourne

Girls in Westbourne have enjoyed a week full of stories which has been in line with World Read Aloud Day which took place on Wednesday and Children’s Mental Health Week.

In Reception they listened to the story of The Enormous Turnip in their Creative Writing lesson.  It is one of their favourite stories and girls were able to write about it afterwards.    Another story they read was The Scarecrow's Wedding by Julia Donaldson which they followed up by making their own scarecrows, complete with patchwork jackets and straw popping out of the sleeves.  The activities really helped to bring the stories to life.

After joining Prep girls in assembly on Wednesday where they heard the story of ‘The Snail and the Whale’ Reception girls visited Year 1 classrooms for a story swap.   Year 1 proved to be excellent storytellers reading books they had brought in from home.

Kindergarten girls have read many Elmer stories this week as their letter sound focus has been 'e'. This has encouraged lots of conversation around being unique and that everyone is different and special.

For Nursery girls their story of the week was Cleversticks. They used this story as a prompt to talk about all the things that they are good at, and that not everyone has to be good at the same thing.

To recognise Children's Mental Health week Westbourne’s assembly was focused on wellbeing. The children carefully thought about how they look after their bodies and also how they care for their brains and how important this is to remain healthy. The book, ‘How Full is Your Bucket’ enabled the children to think about things that might let water out of their buckets and things that might make them feel sad. However, they also considered the positive things that can top up their buckets and most importantly, where they can go to ask for help when needed.

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