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16 November 2018

Sunday 11 November marked the centenary of the end of the Great War. To mark this special occasion, in form time on Thursday girls helped to cut out poppies and, if they could, wrote the names of any members of their own family who had served in the Great War or any conflict since. 

The poppies were used to create EHS’s very own poppy cascade in the Octagon. On Friday morning the school, adorned with their poppies, girls assembled in the Octagon to listen to the school’s Remembrance Service. The focus of this year’s assembly was the involvement of non-European countries in the conflict, and the sacrifice that they made in order to protect the freedoms of a country that was not their own. 

There were two beautiful musical performances; the Chamber Choir sang ‘Remember Me’ by Bob Chilcott, and Emma Burns in Year 7 sang ‘On Eagle’s Wings’ by Michael Joncas. It was a moving and beautiful service. 

To mark the occasion, this year’s Poet laureate, Elyanna Choi, wrote a poem: 

november is the kindest month with promises of rain
falling gently on the earth where you remain
i don't think i said my farewells right down by the train
(i thought you’d come back the way you said), but only i remain
they comfort me with tales of heroism and how you were brave
yet i still hear your voice echoing in the fields where you remain
you left us living with hearts weighed down by mechanised chains
yet from you we rise, though you remain
i fear i’ll grow old and forget your name
but still in the dark i know your memory remains
i carry you on earth now where i stay
i am the shadow of you that still remains

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