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09 June 2023

Animals great and small have definitely been on the agenda for studies this week in Westbourne and the visit from Animals in Hand on Thursday was a most exciting end to the week.

Girls in Nursery and Reception have focused some of their studies on minibeasts during the week.  The Nursery girls have also enjoyed a range of activities to create insects of their own.  They have rolled marbles in silver paint to make snail trails on black background and have made caterpillars from handprints. Creating folded butterflies gave the girls the opportunity to learn more about symmetry. Lacing ladybirds and completing dot to dot puzzles helped the girls with both fine motor skills and their mathematics.

In Kindergarten study of the letter sound w also allowed the girls to focus on wriggly worms with creature study for them too. They have sung ‘There is a worm at the bottom of my garden,’ ordered worms by length and used positional language when finding the worms in the garden. In addition, they have made weather themed snacks and written many words beginning with w. Weddings and water have been two other topics of study which has included skills of fashion design, counting and water themed science experiments.  What a wonderful week!

On Monday, Tula, who had studied in Reception some years before visited the girls with her three guinea pigs.  Their names were Daisy, Luna and Beanie!  She gave a wonderful talk about how to look after these pets and afterwards the girls were able to hold them on their laps. 

Minibeasts were also on the agenda and girls went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. They took their magnifying glasses and bug pots in the hope of finding some creatures. To their surprise, they found slugs, butterflies, millipedes, ants, worms and other creatures hiding under the rocks and stones.  

To consolidate their learning, they wrote about what they had seen and painted some fantastic pictures. Reception girls should be very pleased with their achievements this week!

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