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28 April 2023

In our first full week back after the Easter holiday Westbourne has been a hive of activity.  Our youngest pupils in Nursery, have been extending their knowledge of shapes with a focus on circles and spheres.  Their activities have included making circle babies using a range of different sized shapes and making circle pizzas from round buns and spherical tomatoes. Blowing bubbles in paint also helped the girls to study 2D and 3D shapes and make some patterns. In their outdoor play the girls used hula hoops, jumped onto rubber spots, played parachute and ball games. In Mathematics, making circles with a hole punch helped to make a given number of holes.  What a lot of circles in our every day lives.

In Kindergarten, the focus of study has been the letter sound u. Umbrellas, unicorns, and up and under have featured throughout the week. The girls have made unicorns in the shape of the letter and wrote words beginning with the sound. Using umbrellas as a prompt they sang the 10 Little Umbrellas rhyme, created wax resist pictures, and carried out a science experiment, creating an umbrella for Ted using different materials and testing them out.  nimals that live underground and Incy Wincy climbing up the waterspout helped the girls to practise positional language.  Stories are also an important part of each week and ‘The Ugly Duckling’ helped girls to explore their feelings and ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ gave them a giggle as they designed some new underwear for the aliens they created.

This week Reception girls were very excited to find out they were learning about 'Creatures, Great and Small' this term.  The role play area of the classroom has been transformed into a veterinary surgery, complete with pills and potions as well as a complete array of animals to attend to. In Creative Writing, they heard the story of Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.  Pupils took a great deal of care and effort in writing about this wonderful story. The results were amazing and have been displayed around the department. 

In Number Work, girls have learnt to tell the time and have demonstrated their understanding using their own individual clocks.  

On Tuesday, Reception girls went to the Octagon to watch the Year 6 production of Peter Pan.  They were absolutely transfixed with the fantastic singing, dancing and musicians.  Girls talked about it all the way back to Westbourne. Well done Miss Robinson and girls - Reception pupils loved your production!


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