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24 June 2022

In our Discovery Den this week, the girls have been thinking ahead to their future careers! They twirled in their tutus; looked after the pets at the vets; fed the cows and sheep down on the farm; fixed the cars in the garage and went into space as an astronaut! They even had time to design hairstyles on Miss Stokes at the hairdressers! We know that whatever career they choose they will succeed.

With the change in weather, the topic of Summer this week in Nursery has been a most appropriate one. The girls have used their scientific skills to predict what will happen to ‘tip tops’ they have put in the freezer, before eating them. They have also examined and compared shells and talked about where they might have been found and what type of creature lived in them. There was much questioning and good imagination being used. The girls also considered how to keep safe in summer with the need to keep hydrated, wear suncream, hat and sunglasses for safety.

In Kindergarten, activities have been linked to the letter sound ‘y’.  These have included collecting and painting yellow items, eating yoghurt and talking about different types of boat including making a yacht.  Animal and human families and their young have also been topics of discussion. The girls shared baby photos and tried to guess who everyone was! In Mathematics, topics this week have included estimation and some division of items into equal groups.

To make the most of the fabulous heat wave last Friday, girls in Reception went out with the water play games. They also cooled down by eating ice lollies in the sunshine! 

Continuing with their 'Creatures Great and Small' theme, Reception girls have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.  They made 3D caterpillars and displayed them next to their own live 'Butterfly House' in the classroom.  The week has also included a visit to the Safari Park.

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