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20 May 2022

In the Discovery Den this week the girls have been able to travel to other countries round the world with stops at China, Australia, Spain and France. The activities have furthered our focus on different cultural aspects following our Culture Day last term.

The girls were able to find out about Lantern Day in China and make their own lantern, study Aboriginal Art, build an Eiffel Tower and dance the Flamenco playing castanets. They shared facts and looked at maps and flags of each country. They also learnt about different foods around the world.  A particular favourite with Reception girls was the Australian painting and dressing up in French berets!  I wonder where our travels will take us next?

Inside the Nursery this week, in Mathematics, the girls have been focused on the number 10 and squares, rectangles and cuboids. They have sorted the different shapes into sets, played with rectangular dominoes, made rectangle trees and constructed cuboids from a net.

Outside the girls have developed their gross motor skills by kicking a football. Our international team have clearly inspired them. 

In Kindergarten ‘w’ has been the focus of study in many curriculum areas. In Mathematics, they have ordered worms by length, completed a wedding guest counting activity and have made models from blocks. Worms have also helped them to practise positional language.
Activities based on weather have provided different experiences and the girls have considered weddings from different cultures around the world. They have also thought about the uses of water and did a water science experiment!
The outdoor area is always a huge hit with Reception girls when they are making mud pies. This week some girls took their library books into the playhouse to read to each other.    

We have decided the girls in EHS are fearless when it comes to animals!  All of the girls held, patted or stroked the various animals on offer from the 'Animal Man'.  We can't wait for him to return.

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