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13 October 2023

This week the girls in Nursery have been focusing on all things green.  They started the week by using their hands to colour mix blue and yellow to make green and then printed a colour addition sentence.   To develop their fine motor and hand-eye co-ordination skills they threaded green wool onto pear shapes, pushed the cars through green paint in the tuff tray and threaded green leaves onto green rods.  They have finished the week making cheese twists and playing the Hungry Caterpillar shape sorter game on the iPad.

Nursery also enjoyed a visit to the Curiosity Corner. This week featured an interesting ocean creature in line with World Octopus Day last Sunday. The girls enjoyed trying to find the answers to the questions posed and reading ‘The Fearless Octopus’.

Girls in Kindergarten have completed activities with the focus on ‘p’ sound this week. Some enjoyed creating their pink and purple princess shape pictures and writing with pink and purple pens while others enjoyed time spent completing numerous puzzles! Our pink pig biscuits definitely went down well once the girls had finished following instructions to decorate their own biscuit successfully.

Reception girls are continuing to learn their digraphs and this week they learnt the 'oo' sound.  They have a very special clock in the classroom, which helps them remember this sound - it is a cuckoo clock!  On the hour, the cuckoo appears which causes much amusement in lessons.  Girls were so intrigued by this clock that they made their own, complete with a moving cuckoo!  
To enable the girls to have a deeper understanding of numbers, a new game was played as a counting activity. Pearl buttons were scattered on top of a whiteboard.  A dice was rolled and whatever number came up, they had to circle that amount using a pen. Girls thought it was good fun counting this way.  The outdoor area was also used to demonstrate longest and shortest by using twigs and leaves to make pictures.  Following on with the topic of measuring, pupils were shown works from the artist Wassily Kandinsky depicting long and short lines.  They then produced their own pieces of art using bright colours.  
They have also been experimenting with colour mixing. Pupils started off by painting one hand blue and the other hand red.  Then they rubbed their hands together and printed the colour it made!  After the initial mix they created a useful colour chart for the wall. 

It has been a colourful week in all classes this week in Westbourne with all girls also wearing a yellow item on Tuesday in support of World Mental Health Day.

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