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The Wonders of Westbourne

The girls in Nursery have spent a royal week with activities based on ‘The Queen of Hearts’ rhyme.  They began the week with an assembly from Mrs Hartley about Queen Elizabeth and her crown jewels.  They enjoyed dressing as princesses and activities included, amongst many others, making some royal jewellery of their own and colouring in hearts.  Well done Ava on a great effort.

In Kindergarten they imagined a visit to the opticians and created, and made some designer glasses.  We cannot wait to see them on sale!

In Reception we have been continuing the Spring Term topic on growing.  After the seed identification work the girls made some sycamore seed helicopters.  They then made some scarecrows and completed some scarecrow writing after hearing the story about the Scarecrow’s Wedding and the Scarecrow’s Secret.

These are just a selection of the activities the girls have been doing in Westbourne.

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