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It's 'Game On' for Sports Relief


20 March 2020

Girls in the Prep School enjoy participating in a wide range of sports both inside and out of school which we recognise regularly in our Celebration Assemblies each week.

They also displayed their varying interests and hobbies when they came to school last Friday dressed in a sports kit of their choice in support of the national charity, Sports Relief.  

The day began with parents joining us before school to work with their daughters on some fitness activities. We hold these mornings each half term and look forward to welcoming more families in the future.

In our special assembly we recognised the benefit of sport for both our physical and mental well-being and the breadth of activities you can be involved in. Members of staff also shared with the girls the sports that they take part in regularly which include netball, hockey, running and horse riding.

The girls also performed the Sports Relief Song, ‘It’s Game On!’ which they had learnt in preparation.  This was a most enjoyable school community activity which started our day off very positively.

We raised £250 for the charity which helps with projects in the UK and abroad.

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