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Students explore the Gothic genre

13 March 2020

On Thursday 5 March, Year 12 and 13 English Literature and Language groups travelled to Manchester to see a production of Wuthering Heights at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. The novel describes a twisted and dark romance story of two characters, Cathy and Heathcliff. The exploration of love is a common theme displayed throughout and also the themes of revenge and power. 

In our English lessons we have been focusing closely on the Gothic and Women in Literature, and we were able to use this production as a comparison for the other relevant texts studied in our English lessons.

We arrived early at Grand Central and departed for Manchester, excited for the day ahead. Upon reaching Piccadilly Station, we had two hours to explore the city of Manchester, shop and grab a bite to eat. 

We met at the theatre in the early afternoon and found our seats, eager to watch the adaptation of Wuthering Heights. The play commenced, and we were enthralled by the talented and mesmerising performances of the actors. We thoroughly enjoyed the play as it was a valuable opportunity to further develop our knowledge and understanding of literature. To finish what was an enjoyable day out, we were lucky enough to meet one of the actors, Gurjeet Singh, who we recognise from the television series ‘Ackley Bridge’ who played Hindley. It was a pleasure meeting him – he fulfilled a few fan girls’ dreams. 

We would like to thank Mrs Park and Ms Harrison for organising the trip and accompanying us on an incredible day out, as it was a very rewarding and enriching experience for us all. 

Riya and Laila

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