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Student-led assembly marks Black History Month

18 October 2019

October marks Black History Month, and five of our Year 10 pupils, Abigail Tomlinson, Kimberly Mpofu, Danielle Sanyanga, Nikita Basandrai, and Aisha Abdelrahim, decided to hold an assembly to celebrate and raise awareness of the annual observance. 

The girls worked together to produce and deliver an excellent and thought-provoking assembly which covered some of the injustices black people have faced, inspiring black role-models, and why Black History Month is so important. They dealt with some sensitive issues with care and maturity, and were met with rapturous applause from the school. The assembly finished with a poem ‘I Can’t Breathe’ by Ebony Delaney below, which was beautifully read by Kimberly.

Well done girls; you did an excellent job!

I Can’t Breathe

I can’t breathe for your hate stifles me ….
marred by your anger, scarred by your bigotry.
For generates the stench of injustice that I’ve been forced to inhale.
How long oh Lord, must I endure this constant hell?

From the scorched lands of my ancestors to the bountiful shores of this place, 
Racial intolerance has haunted me and stolen the grac e from my pace.
So much progress yet so little ground gained
Injustice is always near, it wears so many names.

I’ve witness the disgrace, the travesties of the so called truth.
I’ve choked on the stench of lies as my ancestors the white man’s noose.
I can’t breathe, no breath can I take.
Will I forever be degraded? Is my skin God’s mistake?

By Ebony Delaney

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