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Spanish role play extends learning

29 March 2018

Last week, Year 9 pupils transformed their Spanish classroom into a Spanish mini-market, a mini-restaurant and a mini-bakery to perform role-plays in Spanish and consolidate their knowledge about food and currency.
Some girls even researched and cooked some sweet recipes to display at our improvised Pastelería such as Dulce de Leche, Leche Frita, Magdalenas, Galletas y Torrijas - be assured that we have some very talented bakers at EHS. Needless to say, we tried and judged all their delicious recipes. ¡Qué ricas!
Gina Sanchez very kindly emailed me her opinion on the activity:
“I really enjoyed last lesson and it really helped in my learning; it was nice to spend some time to focus on speaking as we usually focus on writing. I liked trying native Spanish food and it was fun trying a Spanish recipe. I know I will bake it again as my Dad liked it very much.” 
A very well done to everybody and we look forward to seeing your talents on display at the forthcoming House Bake Off.
Ms López


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