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Year 7 learn about fire safety

02 March 2018

At the end of last half term students in Year 7 experienced a fun and enjoyable time when fire officers from the ‘Safeside’ West Midlands Fire Service joined us to talk about safety outside and inside of school.

Students split up into three groups ready to tackle a range of activities. The first activity was based on a discussion of what to do and what not to do in a fire. We watched a video with that demonstrated just how long it takes for a fire to spread and two of our classmates went to get water to test whether getting water would be a good idea to put out a fire. It turned out that by the time they got back - about two minutes later - the fire had spread so much that the water they had was not enough to put it out.

The second activity was equally fun. We were told about how peer pressure can cause children to do silly things. The instructor called up four students to demonstrate peer pressure and how easy it is to give into it. He then told us about how we can put ourselves at risk every day.

In the final activity we learnt how to do CPR. The firemen brought dummies with them, so we didn’t have to practice on real people; no-one wanted to get hurt! The day came to an end and we all thanked the firemen for coming and teaching us something new. Safeside made us feel safe!

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