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Religious buildings visit for students

Senior School

29 March 2018

Year 8 recently went on an enjoyable trip to see examples of three different religious buildings. We all were extremely enthusiastic about this visit. Firstly, we visited the Mandir - the place of worship for Hindus - where we were entranced by the beauty of the main temple. We also watched a religious ceremony take place for the Hindu God Ganesh. Afterwards we toured round the shrines, each dedicated to a different God. Surrounding the temple were seven hills, each representing one of the major religions. These show that all religions are respected and welcomed. 

Our second visit was to the Gurdwara - the place of worship for Sikhs - where we listened to a talk about Sikh life in the temple. We learned how to respect the tradition by taking off our shoes, washing our hands and wearing headscarves. In addition to all this we were privileged to have a sneak peak in the Guru Granth Sahib’s bedroom. We were then allowed to watch a service taking place and those of us who wanted to could try some of their religious food. 

The last religious building visited was a Synagogue, and each half of the year group visited different types: an Orthodox Synagogue and a Conservative Synagogue. Both groups enjoyed themselves immensely, learning about the different aspects of Judaism.

Overall it was a very enjoyable trip and Year 8 would like to thank Miss Hayday and Mr Wiggins for organising it.

By Rita Amune

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