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Record for Young Linguists


09 June 2023

On Wednesday 7 June, Emily P, Gurbani G (Year 3), Sofia ML, Supreeta KJ, Amelia H, Hitha I (Year 4) and Shayanna P (Year 6) all took part in the live national final of the Junior Language Challenge. They had taken on Spanish, Japanese and finally Hawaiian before finishing in the top 30 in the country and qualifying for the live final. This was a record number of girls in the live final for EHS.

The girls had to answer multi choice questions about words and phrases in Hawaiian as well as ordering sentences and spelling Hawaiian words from memory. There was even a live link with a lady and gentleman in Hawaii itself, where it was 3am!

Most children were much older and more experienced, but that did not deter our valiant Prep girls. Emily finished 4th, Gurbani 6th, Shayanna 8th, Supreeta 10th, Amelia 12th, Sofia 14th and Hitha 21st. That is their final position in the whole country from thousands of entrants!

We are immensely proud of all of the girls who entered the competition and particularly the way our finalists conducted themselves in the live final. They are true ambassadors for Prep.

As they say in Hawaiian – Ho’omaika’i! (Congratulations!)

Madame Hennous

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