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Ralph the Reindeer

08 December 2017

The elves, reindeer, narrators and musicians were all gathered in the Octagon busy getting ready for the Christmas celebrations.

All was going really well until poor Rudolph the Reindeer caught a cold. He was really not going to be well enough to guide Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. Whatever could they do? This was a disaster. Luckily Ralph the Reindeer stepped in and volunteered to help out. The only problem was he could not fly. However, with the help of his friends all was well and Santa was able to deliver the presents.

This is the story that the girls in Westbourne, from Nursery to Reception, performed for an audience of delighted parents and guests. The girls demonstrated very impressive acting, narrating and singing skills and had learned a huge number of words.

The performance ended with everyone joining in to sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer which we are sure cheered up the poorly animal.

A huge well done to all of our star performers from Westbourne.

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