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Pupils Take on the European Challenge

Senior School

30 June 2023

In the world of business, what is it like to try and sell your product to countries that are unfamiliar with it and that don’t speak your language? Selling goods overseas is very important for many UK businesses requiring skills such as excellent communication, cultural awareness and a dash of entrepreneurial flair. Many school students will go on to join companies that export, so the European Challenge, run by Business Language Champions, was an ideal opportunity for a group of our Year 9s to find out how helpful their language skills will be in the global marketplace as well as improving their employability skills such as teamwork and leadership.

Our pupils were put into teams for the day with pupils from other schools and they had to work together to complete a series of challenging tasks that involved using French, German or Spanish.  They certainly rose to the occasion and the staff sitting on the sidelines were delighted to see how many of our pupils were able to take the lead in their groups, collaborate with others and come up with creative and innovative ideas for their marketing strategies and presentation.

We were very proud when the team including Kiri-Anmol Sandhu and Eva Seymour were declared runners up and Kiri-Anmol was also awarded an individual prize for her excellent marketing knowledge.

Very well done to all the girls who took part with such enthusiasm in what was indeed a challenging day!

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