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23 February 2024

Despite trends in STEM subjects that suggest less engagement from girls, this could not be further from the truth at Edgbaston High School where the Preparatory School girls fully embrace the opportunities they are given.

Year 5 Super Scientists relish their weekly Science Club which this term will involve dissection and girls from across the Prep identify Science as their favourite subject. 

This week in Year 6 the pupils were presented with a different style challenge to pit their science wits against.  Someone stole Teddy-Pear, Mrs Eveleigh's beloved stuffed toy! 

It was up to 6G to find out who left the ransom note. 

Applying their knowledge of solutes, solvents and dissolving they produced a chromatogram and quickly identified the main suspect... Mr Flynn. Teddy-Pear was valiantly rescued from his prison in the Technician's office and released from the network cable used to tie him up. 

Our Science super sleuths are pleased to report he is making a peaceful recovery back in the Prep Science Lab. 

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