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Prep's Medical Mavericks

28 January 2022

Last week Year 6 pupils participated in a wonderful workshop run by the company ‘Medical Mavericks’. They experienced using a wide range of real medical equipment brought in to school to use in our Science Lab.

This is where the fun started....

•    There was an ultrasound machine to check whether pupils are still growing taller.
•    A fake arm was provided to take blood from (using a real needle)!
•    Measuring pupils’ own blood pressure.
•    Taking each other’s temperature.
•    Opportunity was available to record pupils’ own ECG.
•    Girls experimented with training medical kits - using tools needed, when carrying out keyhole surgery!

And much more!

A fascinating talk about the many aspects of the medical world was included in the workshop event, showcasing the wide range of amazing careers available in the NHS. 
Everyone was more informed about lifestyle choices by attending this workshop – it was a fantastic experience which inspired pupils to learn even more about the wonders of Science.

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