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25 May 2018

We finished last week with an air of celebration as we prepared to enjoy the Royal Wedding. All girls arrived dressed in red, white and blue and enjoyed a range of different activities in both Prep and Westbourne and you can read more in the separate article. At morning break we gathered together to send our best wishes to the royal couple and imagine our surprise when we received an unexpected visit.

Back at school on Monday we had further celebrations of our own as we recognised the success of our younger girls who received Well Done certificates and individual chess and fencing awards.  We were also able to reward the independent study completed by girls in Year 2. All girls received a certificate for their efforts and a number of Science books were also presented as prizes. Well done to all girls.

The Lamda results also arrived and we are very proud of how well the girls did.

On Tuesday, Year 6 girls continued their enrichment activities. They learnt all about dog agility which is an activity that Mrs Aston is very involved in with her dogs Willow and Parker. The girls heard about the discipline required in this activity and enjoyed a demonstration from both dogs and their handler.  The girls were then able to meet the dogs which for some involved overcoming fears.

Other activities this week have included a wonderful drama lesson outside in the sunshine for Year 1. Girls were given a variety of characters from well-known stories and placed them in different settings.  In groups of four they created new tales, drawing upon their writing experiences from this year, composing beginnings, middles and endings as well as considering a problem and solution to add excitement.  With a fabulous range of character voices, the girls performed their plays to an enthusiastic audience. 

In Year 3 girls have been working together in small groups researching a religion of their choice for the last few weeks. This week they have been presenting their work including posters and artefacts.

Girls in Reception have been using their practical skills working with the new 'tool kit’.  They are learning how to use tools for various purposes safely! Perhaps we will have some budding carpenters, designers, architects or engineers later in life!

As we head towards the half term break we are finishing the week with a gala at Warwick School and the Year 5 Cranedale Assembly to look forward to.
I do hope the warm weather continues and that everyone has a good half term holiday.  Several challenges the girls might like to complete will be emailed to parents and the girls are reminded about preparing a costume of their favourite book character as Monday 4 June; the day we return to school is EHS Prep School Book Day.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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