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25 January 2019

This week began with a welcome to visitors from Birmingham City Mission. Using the parable of the lost sheep from the Bible, the girls were reminded that we are all important and that we should help take care of each other.

There have also been a number of activities in Senior School for our older girls to enjoy. Year 6 had the opportunity to see the Senior School in action as they took tours with their parents. Then girls from Year 5 extended their skills at some masterclasses with Senior School scholars.

Further challenges were offered by Mrs Aston who has asked the girls to share unusual words they come across whilst they are reading. She introduced the word ‘umbiferous’ which we are all aiming to use in a sentence this week.  Parents are welcome to join in this challenge whilst reading with girls at home.

In Westbourne, reading and stories have also been a focus.  You can read more in the separate article about Kindergarten’s Gingerbread Man experiment as they built a boat to help the storybook character. On Wednesday, all girls in Westbourne enjoyed finding out why there were elephants in the custard when author Sam Langley-Swain shared his book with the same title.

The week has ended with an assembly run by Evie, our Eco Prefect, and our Eco Reps from Years 2, 3, 4 and 6.  They encouraged everyone to take part in the Big Bird Watch this weekend.  We are always keen for the girls to take an interest in the environment around them and this is a very good opportunity to join enthusiasts from around the country in helping nature to thrive.  We are pleased that the Sixth Form Eco-Reps joined us and hope they enjoy taking part in the Big Bird Watch too.

Next week we look forward to the gala on Tuesday away at Solihull, the Rainforest Roadshow for Year 4 and to welcoming parents to the Year 3 Storytelling assembly on Friday.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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