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11 March 2022

In the Prep School this week, along with girls across the school we have marked International Women’s Day.  We have celebrated the achievements of women, in the past and present, and have highlighted the continued effort to ensure equality for women across the globe.  We looked at a range of women who have helped to highlight these causes including Malala Youzafsai who was a pupil at our school and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

We have also seen a wide range of different skills being used and extended.  In Year 2 they have been exploring money in their Maths lessons to make set amounts. As an addition, they created some figures out of coins.

In Year 5, the girls have really enjoyed the application of practical skills during their work on writing instructions in English.

Year 6 pupils have been busy extending their knowledge of angles.  They have been calculating missing angles in triangles and putting their mental mathematics skills to the test to complete missing angles loop cards against the clock.  The girls have been busy in the Art Studio too exploring the techniques of collage.  They have been creating mood boards for their work selecting colours and materials, which complement each other.  Creative skills were also in evidence as they began their animation projects. Much teamwork was required to move the figures, provide the scenery and to write suitable scripts.  We are looking forward to finished films being ready for their premieres. 

We have also seen girls of different ages working together in a number of different areas this week, which is a particular highlight of being part of a through-school environment. Our Year 6 Charity Reps helped the Senior School girls to sort the items that had been so generously donated to our Ukraine Appeal.  Year 5 girls have also recently worked in the Senior Art Studio supported by the Art scholars in their portrait workshops.  Year 6 girls, this week, worked with Year 3 in our weekly Classics Club. They encouraged the girls with their improvised drama acting out a Greek myth.

There was also much to celebrate in our final assembly of the week.  We congratulated Amanda and Risha in Year 6 on their Silver awards in the bonus round of the Primary Maths Challenge.  We were also pleased to award the book prizes for the wining History Challenge, announced last week.  There were the weekly certificates for the endeavours of Year 1 and 2 girls. 

Mrs Eveleigh also announced the activities to mark British Science Week, which has started today.  Our ‘Super Scientists’ we are sure will relish the challenges.
We ended the week with congratulations to our U10 Netball teams who both won their matches against Hallfield at the start of the week.  The A team won by 9 goals to 2 and the B team by 14 goals to 1.  We wish  our Year 5 and 6 Netball Squads good luck in their netball camp and tournament at the weekend.  We look forward to reporting on the experience next week.

Mrs Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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